Get to market. Fast.
A Brand Sprint package for early-stage tech companies.

Understand your difference, uncover the market opportunities and amplify your message.

Stand out from the crowd.
Connect with your audience.
Attract investment.

Our Brand Sprint package offers everything needed for ambitious technology and innovation companies to move to the next stage.

Streamlined approach

We have a fixed fee, timeline and deliverables. No hidden costs or extras. Know what you’re getting and when you’re getting it.

Quality at pace

Tech moves fast – we do too. An experienced team with a streamlined process. Crafting standout brands and robust marketing toolkits that are ready to go.

Marketing rocket fuel

Our package includes everything a growing tech business needs for effective marketing. Brand strategy, brand identity, website design and essential marketing toolkit.

10 days. £10k.

We understand what early-stage businesses need to support growth. We also understand that time and budgets are limited. That’s why we’ve created Brand Sprints – a streamlined process delivering everything necessary for marketing success.

The complete package

Brand positioning and messaging

A 3-hour online strategy workshop with your leadership team to discover your goals and competitive difference. Our team then craft your brand strategy and key messaging framework.
Brand sprint workshop
Brand identity
and guidelines

Two bespoke creative concepts. Development of preferred design direction. Handover of all brand assets and guidelines for application. Logo, colours, typography, art direction and more.
Brand sprint guidelines
Key marketing applications

Website landing page. Editable presentation and social media templates. Key merchandise designs. Everything for a growing technology business to stand out – consistently.
ipad with pen on worktop, shadows

Brand Sprint case studies

We have a proven track record of supporting technology businesses at every stage – from start-up to scale-up to grown-up. Communicating complex ideas, products and services to very specific audiences.

DoYou thumbnail

A new brand for the progressive online yoga coaching company.

Open book with logo and architectural model

A new brand for Supervene – specialists in large-scale parametric design and material technology. Inspired by nature.

Creating a brand for an open source robotics project.

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Brand Sprint today

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Why is a brand important?

A brand embodies a business’s identity, values, and promise to customers. It builds trust, distinguishes a company from competitors, and fosters customer loyalty. A strong brand aids recognition and emotional connections, influencing consumer choices and contributing significantly to a business’s long-term commercial success.

What is a Brand Sprint?

A Brand Sprint is an accelerated and collaborative process that condenses brand development into a focused timeframe. It involves intensive workshops and exercises to define a brand’s identity, values, and visual elements. This time-boxed approach ensures quick, strategic decision-making, fostering the creation of a powerful and cohesive brand identity.

What do I get with a Brand Sprint?

Our Brand Sprint includes everything needed for an early-stage businesses or start-ups to standout in their market. It consists of 3 main components:

  1. Strategic framework – brand strategy and messaging framework.
  2. Brand visual identity – logo, colours, typography, image art direction and guidelines for usage
  3. Key marketing applications – website homepage design, Google Slides presentation theme, social media assets and Canva templates and merchandise designs e.g. t-shirt or tote bag.
How much does a Brand Sprint cost?

Our Brand Sprints are a fixed cost of £10,000 (ex VAT). A 50% deposit is payable ahead of the strategy workshop session and the remaining balance due at the handover stage. Payment is accepted either by card or BACS transfer.

You’ll be expected to have your own subscriptions for:

What kind of company is a Brand Sprint good for?

Brand Sprints are for small but ambitious early-stage businesses and start-ups with a need to move quickly and stand out. The agile process is designed for teams of 6 or less and is suitable for both new businesses and those looking to grow or change direction. Our streamlined approach is tailored for time-poor founders who want to input on the brand direction but can’t commit months to a more involved process.

Who should be involved in the process?

The Brand Sprint process should involve team members with direct responsibility for the brand’s direction. Depending on a company’s size and structure, this will usually include key decision-makers such as the CEO and/or founder/s alongside a senior member of the marketing team. This working group should be consistent throughout the process and be available for the 2-week process. From our experience, keeping this team small helps to deliver the best creative results while maintaining project momentum.

Who are the Foundation project team?

Our Brand Sprints are led and project-managed by one of our Creative Partners – Keith Davie or Ben Vincent. Both have over 25 years of experience in branding for technology businesses of all stages and scales. Keith or Ben will be responsible for the Strategic and Creative Direction as well as being the single point of client contact.

Their supporting creative team is assembled from a pool of globally sourced talent and selected based on the specific creative needs identified at the discovery stage.

How long does a Brand Sprint take?

Our Brand Sprint process takes 10 working days. At the end of which, you’ll have everything necessary to market your new brand. The first week is focussed on brand discovery, strategic definition and design concepts. The second week covers design refinement and the delivery of assets and marketing materials.

Are the sprint days consecutive?

Yes. The Brand Sprint process promotes collaboration, rapid decision-making and problem-solving. By condensing tasks into focused, time-boxed periods, we can efficiently move projects forward – leading to faster delivery of high-quality results.

What happens in the brand workshop?

The 3-hour online brand workshop is based on a framework originally developed by Google Ventures. The process centres around 6 collaborative exercises with the objective of aligning the project team around the big brand decisions. It’s specifically designed for start-ups and early-stage businesses needing to move quickly.

How many amends do I get?

We’re so confident of our process and creative output that design amends are unlimited. To ensure that all parties are completely aligned before progressing further, the Brand Sprint is split into gated steps – Define, Design (concepts and development) and Deliver.

When is the best time to commission a Brand Sprint?

Brand Sprints are often commissioned when launching a new business, repositioning, or seeking a distinct market identity. The process is ideally suited for early-stage businesses wishing to establish a strong foundation in a market. Our clients often embark on Brand Sprints to support specific business needs – from attracting customers and talent to fundraising.

How far in advance should a Brand Sprint be scheduled?

We’re currently booking Brand Sprints four weeks in advance but would recommend an initial conversation at the earliest opportunity. Brand Sprints require rapid client input and feedback so you’ll also need to book out some time in your own diaries too. There are also a couple of questions which require your thought ahead of the strategy workshop session.

Do Brand Sprints happen online or in person and how many meetings are involved?

Brand Sprints are an entirely online process. We find that this is the most efficient use of everyone’s time and encourages rapid, regular feedback loops. These are usually in the form of video calls and follow-up emails. We usually anticipate five virtual meetings for the project.

What will I be expected to do?

Brand sprints are a collaborative process, however, we aim to be as efficient with your time as possible. You’re expected to be involved for 3-hours at the Discovery stage in the brand workshop and provide input and feedback at other points in the process too.

What if we’ve already got a brand identity?

Some businesses wish to retain or evolve elements of their existing brand as they are identifiable – for example colour or font styles. Other businesses benefit from a fresh start. We encourage discussing the pros and cons of both approaches at the Discovery stage.

Does the package include a website?

Yes. The brand sprint includes a single page Squarespace website. We’d be happy to discuss development of a more involved website but you’re also free to take the designs to an alternative supplier.

Does the brand Sprint include naming?

No. We offer that brand or product naming as an additional process. Get in touch to find out more.

Who owns the design?

You do. Design rights are transferred at the end of the project. No additional cost.