A new approach to making yoga part of your life.

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A new way of teaching.
A new way of learning.

DoYou is an online yoga and wellness platform. Their teaching method is rooted in cognitive science and building habits, which in turn, leads to consistency in yoga practice. They came to us to help them develop a new brand to reflect this unique approach.


Change through repetition.

Turning up, accountability, small steps. These are the cornerstones of the DoYou approach. By making practice a part of every day life through habit based learning we can make the changes we need to grow.

This change starts in the wordmark with the oversized Y. It illustrates growth, yoga poses, and puts the emphasis on ‘You’.


Flexing it.

The brand idea ‘change through repetition’ is central to the identity. Dynamic layouts create movement and repetition, with imagery symbolising practice. This technique can be subtle, or it can be dialled up to disrupt. Illustrations and icons are simple key lines, repeating patterns from one point to another, again referencing change.

The serif headline is informal and welcoming. The stretched characters adding personality, almost like yoga poses.

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A new brand for the progressive online yoga coaching company.