A new brand for an opensource robotics project.

Robotic democracy

OBOT is an opensource robotics project – developed by, and for, engineers, academics and industry. A platform to share and contribute to advancing the subject of robotics – made freely available to anyone, anywhere in the world.


Create an inclusive platform that levels robotics and helps advance the subject

The robotics industry is shrouded in secrecy. Dominated by tech giants and elite academic institutions. Rather than advancing the subject, this has prevented the industry from innovating at pace. OBOT set about changing that.


A brand identity system that reinforces OBOT’s belief that robotics should be for everyone.

The visual idenity is inspired by robotic movement, engineering workshops and precision tooling. The ‘peg board’ grid and tile containers are the basis of a playful system, allowing endless variety and flex in application.

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Creating a brand for an open source robotics project.