Speaking the language of technology

Mantis helps give public sector-focused technology companies a voice, as they improve lives through digital transformation. We gave Mantis its visual identity.


Talk the talk.
Walk the walk.

Mantis provide specialist PR services to technology brands operating in the public sector. They needed a visual identity that would help articulate and support their unique offer.


Technology for the people

We positioned Mantis as the PR and communication specialist for technology providers. This was brought to life with a new dynamic mark and logotype – referencing slash marks used in code – supported by a vibrant colour palette featuring ‘Mantis green’.

Moodboard for a brand strategy studio

Growth and acquisition

Significant business growth through new pillar clients. Now servicing every department of the UK public sector. Recent acquisition by Global Communications firm, Ruder Finn.

Mantis brand positioning

“We want their audiences to feel like they’re dealing with real tech experts. It’s powerful because it objectively focuses on the end-users and the very real changes technology can make for everyone.”

Ben Vincent
Creative Partner